where would I be without someOne to save me? ♥

a daughter, a sister,
a friend, a neighbor,
a classmate, a schoolmate,
a churchmate, a musician,
an athlete, an artist,
a believer, a disciple,
a leader, a follower,
a student, a worker,
a stranger, and certified human.

YHWH's beloved, creation, and personal property.

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Right Brain Exercise: Handmade Drawstring Turtle Bag

It’s the cliiiiiiiiiiimb……

warm companions indeed

Two Cans and a String

thank you sa bday treat sa nagbday..

meet my childhood buddy, pingrite! <3


everyday is full of happiness, excitement and fun.. thank you so much for being here.. and SOMEDAY ako naman ang bibisita sayo.. distance has never been an issue between our friendship.. love you so much behkoh.. you take care always.. and i’ll miss you.. <3 @iamprincessrio19

arigatou! : )

thank you for sharing your time with me.. the smile, the laughs, and all the fun.. thank you for being a part of my life, and i’ll forever cherish that.. love you behkoh.. @iamprincessrio19